My experience was incredibly enlightening and empowering from start to finish. Jaya-Leigh gave me incredible advice and new information about a past-life that was very eye-opening and answered a lot of my questions in this life.
— Nikki Altman

    Jaya-Leigh Bowen is a leader in the fields of the healing arts and yoga. Facilitating classes, trainings and workshops, all of her offerings are infused with humour, relatability, and an intuitive understanding of individual needs. She weaves together powerful techniques acquired from her training with powerful medicine women, and her depth of experience working with people from all ages and walks of life.

She is a shamaness and channel who connects with Angels and powerful Spirit Guides to clear old, often past life impressions that that limit joy, freedom, and the true expression of the Soul’s purpose.

  Jaya Leigh is also a kundalini yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and teacher to other practitioners and teachers. Her sincere desire is to empower people to remember their own divinity, potential, and raison d'être so that we may all live a life of fulfillment, freedom, and joyful service.