Top 10 Benefits of Reiki

By Jaya-Leigh Bowen

I have been practicing the hands on healing technique called Reiki for many years and one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is teaching and attuning others to do the same. There is a joy, a new found clarity, and a natural high at these trainings that is hard to put into words but deeply felt by all who experience it.

Reiki clears away debris from the third eye. WTF? Overtime your inherited limiting beliefs and patterns create a sort of foggy lense through which you interpret all of the events in your life.  A reiki treatment, and even more so, the reiki attunement received in a level 1, 2 or 3 training, strips away these foggy layers, re-connecting you with Source and our natural essence of love and freedom. This awakens an ability to see the bigger picture and to recognize when your own habitual patterns and those of others are at work. Basically you “uplevel” your mind and even your DNA. With this new clarity you make choices based on what will serve the highest good and bring you closer to alignment with your true essence and soul path.   

   Now just in case that’s not enough to convince you of the healing powers of, I’ve compiled a list of the

     Top 10 Benefits of Reiki

1. Raises your Vibration. Riiiight. “This one goes to 11.” –Nigel Tufnel, This is Spinal Tap 

When you meditate you are cleansing built up gunk from your subconscious mind.  The gunk is old impressions that make you automatically react to life in the same limiting way over and over again. The benefits of meditation can be felt immediately but if you aren’t consistent, the gunk gets built back up quick. With one Reiki treatment, not only is gunk cleared away, you feel a sense of peace, happiness, and a newfound excitement about being alive. Seriously!


It’s like a switch gets turned on.

The gunk may return but not as thick, so like a car needs an oil change once in a while, more Reiki clears the old stuff again and actually goes deeper to clear the next level too. What’s more,

learning how to use reiki yourself by getting an attunement clears it out for good!

An attunement is an extremely potent healing and awakening given by a Reiki Master that allows the receiver to channel and direct reiki energy themselves. The attunements get more powerful with each reiki level and each of the 3 levels takes only a few hours to complete.

Here are dates and details for my next Reiki trainings 

2. Stress Relief

Imagine being given permission to do absolutely nothing but lie down on a heated massage table while the practitioner’s warm hands send you energy that penetrates layers so that GUNK you’ve been holding in your body and in your mind is gently drawn out.  It’s like floating on a golden cloud of love surrounded by angels and higher beings with warm grandmotherly snuggles where literally all of your worries float away and you are brought back your pure essence of peace, higher understanding, love, and even excitement. Doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzies!?

 3. Removes Blocks

A block is an old belief, a fear, a pattern, heck even an old vow you might have made in a past life, that is keeping you in a destructive state or repetitive pattern and can feel like mental paralysis. No matter how clear you are about something, or how much you want it, you still cannot seem to break through and make it happen. This is a block. And folks? They run deep. They are usually deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, and even the cellular memory.  

Science also agrees that we can carry the trauma of our ancestors(link)

For this I highly recommend a Soul Alignment session where your Guides gently but effectively pull these blocks and patterns out at their root and re-wire your DNA so you’re back in alignment with your soul essence. You can be blocked in the area of finances, creative expression, relationships and health. The list goes on. None of this means there is something wrong with you. Since blocks are universal, meaning we all have them, one could say that they are part of the human experience and once acknowledged with compassion, they can actually be catalysts to expressing your greatest potential. Clear the blocks and awaken all of that dormant, unique, and immense potential.

Soul Alignment sessions can be done from anywhere in the world and you can book a session with me here.

4.  Mo’ Prosperity

With the new found peace, clarity and freedom from old blocks, you pave the way for abundance in all areas to flow to you. This doesn’t mean you sit on your laurels. It means you work with the new knowledge and awareness, make a few different choices tapping into your courage and what you now know to be true. You listen to your Soul’s calling and inner and outer guidance.

 New opportunities and connections will begin to appear or….maybe you are simply noticing them now, having cleared away the fog.

5. Better Relationships

By clearing away deep seated beliefs such as, I don’t deserve or I am not worthy of love, you are paving the way for new and better things and situations into your life.


This could mean a new beneficial relationship and it definitely means more harmony in all of your current relationships.

You are more aware of your own “stuff,” and will have more compassion and patience for others knowing that they've got their own “stuff” (gunk). Your peace, happiness, and raised vibration WILL be noticed and a ripple effect ensues as people begin to respond differently to you, and you to them. When you begin to heal yourself, you automatically create an opportunity for others to heal themselves too. It’s like opening a portal, a healing portal (ooo I like that)! So even if someone in your life reacts negatively to your new positive vibes and changes, something is stirring within them that calls them to make positive change as well. Remember that none of this can be forced on anyone. That choice is up to them.

If it is not a particular soul’s time to ascend then no amount of spreadin’ your peace, joy, and delight in life is gonna help.  It really comes down to a choice of love or fear.

Remember THAT too. I find it helpful.

6. Better Health

This applies to physical, mental and emotional health. Reiki heals on all levels. It brings to the surface the root of an issue, usually a pattern repeating itself over and over that creates an emotional state that is often the underlying cause of physical discomfort and disease. Once you can name the emotion triggering the physical discomfort, it will usually disperse.

A client recently sent me a message after her very first treatment to say that she could lift her arm above her head for the first time in months!

It’s not magic. By learning or receiving Reiki, you answered a call from your higher self to begin the healing process. Subsequent Reiki trainings and treatments (via distance OR in person), bring the next layers to be cleansed to the surface. Your mind will feel refreshed too, like you’ve just cleansed your palate to prepare for the next exciting part of your meal (life).

7. Clearer Vision of your Life Path


Once you’ve cleansed the fog from your glasses, discovered some outdated perspectives or inherited beliefs that aren’t even really yours, you can begin to remember your raison d’etre. New insights are felt and revealed and you have the courage to pursue next steps as the old ways of getting in your own way are now recognizable as outdated and unnecessary.

8. Positive Outlook

Things that made you worry no longer seem as heavy. It’s as if you just wiped some huge smudges off of your glasses and took off a backpack full of bricks.  The little irritations and concerns that nagged at you simply don’t bother you anymore. You feel more connected with everyone and everything and you can see the greater picture, that you really are going to be just fine and it will work out for your highest good.

9. Better Connection

Happiness, harmony, trust, and peace come from connection. Reiki helps you to have a better, more loving and compassionate connection with number one, yourself. THIS is what creates a ripple effect. You beam your happiness out into the world. And your happiness stems from a deep inner knowing that all is working out and that you are not alone on this journey.  As a channel, I work with spiritual Guides and Angels, my own, and those of my client’s. With their messages of love and guidance, and their assistance clearing false and unwholesome perspectives, you gain a better connection with your own spiritual posse.

At the very least, knowing that you don’t walk your path alone, that you are supported in this realm AND others, is life changing.

There is so much comfort in that. Even when you are alone, you don't feel lonely. In fact, for me, it’s just the opposite! You can ask your Guides for assistance and guidance whenever you need it. Trust the answer you hear in your head, or the confirmation that shows up in the physical world. This alone has changed my life completely and is priceless.

10. Another Tool in your Toolbox of Life

Having Reiki in your back pocket is an incredible tool to have when you are facing a big decision and need some direction, when you have had a particularly stressful time, when you are feeling all the feels and just want help moving through emotions, when something is nagging at you and affecting your inner peace or mojo, when you are recovering from illness, injury or surgery, when you ALMOST ANYTHING, Reiki can help.

As a mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend, learning to channel the awesome healing powers of Reiki has been invaluable in my life and the lives of those I love.


Reiki has proven to be a worthy and immensely beneficial investment indeed.

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