Upcoming Events

I am very excited to be offering some in person trainings and workshops again!


Reiki Level 1

Everyone has the capacity to transfer Reiki healing energy to themselves and others, and having this tool at your fingertips profoundly changes your life, clearing away anything obstructing your authentic path. You can be of service to others or simply choose to use it on yourself in times of overwhelm and stress.

In order to awaken the flow of Reiki, one need only learn from, and receive a powerfully healing attunement from a Reiki Master. In one afternoon you will:

  • Clear away lifetimes of restrictive beliefs including ancestral beliefs.

  • Open up a channel of divine light running through you bringing a deep sense of peace and trust in yourself and the Universe.

  • Gain knowledge of how the energy system works and how emotions and limiting patterns are deeply connected to physical stress and ailments.

  • Receive an attunement that ignites the healing power of reiki within you (for life), allowing you to use this for your healing, the healing of others, and the healing of the planet.

  • Move into deeper and closer alignment with the expression of your soul’s true essence and path.


Saturday October 20th
1:30 – 6:00 pm


$279 + HST Early Bird Price by October 13th
$297 + HST Regular Price

Reiki 2

Reiki Level 2 is a powerful leap forward in your spiritual and healing development. Building on what you learned and practiced in Level 1, the Reiki 2 training and attunement amplifies your energy and powers even more.

More focus will be given to the healing of others including how to send healing over distance. You will also be shown how to work with 3 powerful symbols that strengthen your abilities and your intuition so that you can gain an even deeper understanding as to the root causes of suffering and exactly how to assist others with healing it.

*You do not have to have taken Reiki Level 1 with Jayaleigh to take her Reiki Level 2 course, however, proof of having completed Level 1 will be required.


Sunday November 25th
1:30 – 6:00 pm


$379 + HST Early Bird Price by November 18th
$397 + HST Regular Price

Heal Your Family Karma Samhain Celebration and Healing

Release lifetimes of limiting family patterns and experience the happiness, success, and the healthy relationships that are your birthright, so that you can rock your life and calling and make a difference while doing it!

Traditionally Halloween, or Samhain, is a time to come together with family and honour our ancestors. On Friday October 27th we will do just that by healing and clearing/releasing the toxic limiting beliefs that have carried down in your cells.

Just as we have predispositions for certain physical characteristics and disease, we also inherit beliefs and fears from those who came before us. The beliefs and patterns that limit your happiness and success CAN end with you when you decide first to notice and identify them with curiosity, compassion, and the intention of affirming that they are not longer, and were never, true for you.

This jam packed gathering will accelerate you on a path of epic healing for yourself and many generations back AND forward.

  • Be guided on a relaxing and eye opening shamanic journey to meet up with some ancestors, and identify the ancestor where a pattern or issue began. Heal and clear it for them, for yourself, and for future generations in your family.

  •  Receive a potent energetic healing on a cellular level that facilitates the clearing of this, and other patterns.

  •  Learn a powerful meditation and mantra that assists you to release outdated karmic patterns. We will practice this in the group which amplifies its effects.

  •   Practice a powerful combination of kundalini and yin yoga to release the tension and fear being held in the physical and energetic body from these limiting beliefs.

  •  Perform a sacred ritual to honour our ancestors and assist them to heal the patterning as we powerfully release it for ourselves.


Friday, October 26th, 2018




$165 for 889 Community Members


Soul Resurrection Immersion

A 30 day journey to clear the inherited karmic patterns sabotaging your happiness and success, so that you rock your true gifts and magnetize soulmate relationships and opportunities with clarity, courage and divine right action.

On this potent 30 day immersion you will:

🔥 Free your body, mind, and cells from the inherited patterns that have been keeping you stuck in restriction, and reunite with your quirky, powerful, amazing self. BONUS: help heal your ancestors and ensure the patterns aren’t passed down to children in your family.

🔥 Enter a sacred, safe and potent vortex of other powerful leader changemakers in a private fb group where we will wield our magic together and support each other to rise into our majesty with joy grace and IDGAF confidence rooted in love.

🔥Reunite with the potency of your creative feminine power. Heal shame, guilt and fear as you find your true voice and reconnect with your birthright to use it. Free those throat chakra blocks.

🔥Meet and honour your ancestors as they step closer to you while you heal these patterns for them and all current and future generations in your family line. Talk about potent priestess power! Yes YOU!

🔥 Reclaim and activate the soul gifts and powers you came with to magnetize the divine right people and opportunities to fulfill your purpose and live with maximum joy and connection.

This is a group journey with very limited spaces because we gonna go DEEP! All classes via Zoom and a private Facebook group vortex.

Starts November 12, 2018!

To break free of the familial karmic patterns that have been restricting your fulfillment book in a soul chat with Jayaleigh today!