Beautiful Words by Beautiful people

Here are some kind words from some of the incredible souls I'm deeply honoured to call clients. My hope is that they help convey the truly transformative power of this healing work.

If you heal your present, you heal your past and future.


"Definitely one of the most incredible experiences of my life."

"I feel a sense of liberation now that is difficult to put into words. It feels as if something has shifted and now I have all this extra knowledge about myself and I have better clarity. Yesterday's session was exactly what I needed in this moment to help me move on to the next phase of self discovery and growth. Thank you, Jaya-Leigh." 

–Vivian Wong, studio manager Yyoga

"I've tried many different types of readings and by far THIS is the one that resonated with me the most."

"Jaya-Leigh, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, a million times thank you. Literally brought me home, back to my soul. The whole reading was incredibly healing. More so than I ever could have imagined. I'm buzzing with energy! I instantly felt wrapped in warmth and compassion. I released so much while listening and I'll definitely be listening again, often. Thank you for helping bring me back "home". It was so incredibly powerful. I'm still reeling from it. I'm sending a giant hug your way. I'm so grateful. I've tried many different types of readings and by far THIS is the one that truly and deeply resonated with me the most. I've never had an experience like this before. Everything is so much clearer now. Just blown away."

-Renee Davidson

"Our time together has inspired huge amounts of growth in both my personal and professional life." 

"After hearing several incredible, life-changing reviews from friends, I knew I had to book an appointment with Jaya-Leigh. I was blown away not only by her spirit, but also by her remarkable ability - or gift, really - to pinpoint exactly what was going on in my life, what has been keeping me stuck, and to offer beautiful insight into how to move past or let go of the patterns and blocks. In the days following my Core Pattern Reading, I felt as though my physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies had been completely realigned, strengthening my mind-body-spirit awareness, which only served to help me better identify the patterns as they arose and to work on beginning to release each one. My connection to my higher-Self is stronger than ever, and I've continued working with Leigh via Core Pattern Integration and her Kundalini yoga classes. Jaya-Leigh is an unbelievably special woman... I cannot recommend seeking her wisdom and insight enough!" 

-Krista Hovespian, Actor/Imagemaker/Health Coach

"Having a Core Pattern Reading with Jaya-Leigh changed my life."

"It's changing me in innumerable ways. It showed me the self I know but have never shared with anyone else.  If this is not the real deal, then the army of private investigators she employs is the envy of every intelligence agency."

-Tracy Adams

"It has greatly improved the quality of my life. I truly feel alive again!!!"


"Before I came to Jaya-Leigh I was feeling very stuck. It felt like I was unable to move forward in all aspects of life, relationships, family, career, just name it. I felt like a "living death."  My first Reiki session with her really opened me up. Her readings and the messages she receives from the spirit world are very accurate. She could also tell which of my digestive organs I had issues with. Reiki attunement was something that completely shifted the patterns of my life. After Reiki healing and a Core Karmic Pattern Reading, things lightened up. Now I can clearly look into my future and make better decisions. She literally changed my "living death" to the death of my old self and rebirth of this delightful Being who feels like she is going to live happily forever." 

-Somya Malik 

"Jaya-Leigh is an incredible channeller. The richness of her Shamanic and Reiki techniques, her loving presence and her deep intuitive gifts blend in a potent, transformative offering," 

"My session with Jaya-Leigh was quite simply amazing. At the beginning I set my intention to receive the answer to a question I had been seeking for months, and I indeed received the answer to it, and more. During our session she channeled the souls of both of my parents, each with their individual messages. In fact, when Jaya-Leigh wrote out the notes for me, she printed the word ‘never’ exactly as my mother would have. The guidance I received has allowed me to dissolve an old belief and recognize where my healing path next takes me. I continue to process and work on continuing emotional release, however several days after our work a close friend was already able to hear a higher vibration in my voice as we spoke on the phone. I am most grateful for the shifts and insights I received." -Carrie Brooks

"What I experienced after my first session with Jaya-Leigh went so far beyond what I knew to be possible. To say my expectations were exceeded does not do the session justice." 

 "I learned things I didn’t know I needed to learn, but upon hearing the visions Jaya-Leigh received during my treatment it was like I had heard them before, but that these truths were buried so deep within me that I had no chance of retrieving them without her guidance and connection. Anxiety and stress seemed to almost evaporate from my mind and body.


Prior to the session when I raised my arm overhead my elbow stayed bent and the shoulder would not let my arm move past a certain point because of intense pain and tightness. I visited doctors, chiropractors and yoga teachers to help me find a solution to my longterm shoulder injury but nothing seemed to work. Directly following my treatment with Jaya-Leigh I noticed a lightness in my shoulder. After a sound and painless sleep (prior to the session I felt pain in my shoulder every night) I raised my arm above my head and to my amazement my arm stretched easily overhead, straight and pain-free.

I have no doubt that Jaya-Leigh has a connection and understanding of the mystical and spiritual world, beyond what most people typically have. This connection makes Jaya-Leigh a powerful teacher and guide who I will continue to seek support and help from in order to make the challenges life throws at me that much more manageable."

 -Erica Killick