Serum for the soul

Welcome! Below is just a taste of the different kinds of sessions we might do in your coaching package. When you invest in working with me, we will do so over a period of months and together we map out which sessions will serve your desires and your highest good at this time.

Our sessions together are carried out via Skype, Facetime, or phone.  

A recording of  each channelled Reading that contains a deep healing on a cellular level is included and will be emailed to you via WeTransfer after our sessions together. 

 The Universe and your spiritual posse respond as soon as the commitment is made and your patterns will be active as they reveal themselves to be healed. Although time and distance make no difference in the potency of this healing work, do your best to book at a time where you can relax for most of the day. After the session be sure to drink a lot of water and feel your connection to the earth. This helps you to stay grounded as the information comes from the high frequency of the Angelic Realm. 

Note: Occasionally I have additional availability in the evenings. Contact me to find out! 

Your Transformational Coaching package will include some of the following sessions depending on the package you choose and also what will best serve your Soul's journey at this time.

Book in a free consult to see if it's a good fit for you right now. 


Core Pattern Clearing

The Core Pattern is the main karmic pattern that you have come here to understand and heal. It has been operating subconsciously in all that you do and don't do in this and previous lifetimes. It's the reason for many limiting automatic responses to life, and why similar challenges keep repeating themselves at work, in your relationships, and even with your health. Discover the past life story behind this pattern in order to understand it with compassion. With that new awareness, you will now recognize when it shows up in your life so you can clear it fast and make a new choice easily. Your life force is freed up, steering you back to love, health and your life purpose. This is for you if:

-you are ready to discover or fulfill your purpose but keep coming up against road blocks even when you know what to do!

-you continue to have the same repetitive reactions and issues in your relationships

-you start to take steps toward your dreams and goals but then get distracted or pull back (this can go on for years)

-you have chronic health issues that seem to pop up when the pattern is being deeply triggered

The Core Pattern Package comes with 1 Integration session. Regular Integrations are recommended a few times a year for upkeep.

1st Integration Session for the Core Pattern

Follow Up Integration Session for the Core Pattern   


Relationship Reading

Gain a deeper understanding of the individual patterns of both people, as well as the intricacies of the patterns at work within the relationship. Discover past lives together and what you are here to learn from each other in this lifetime. What are the old issues/wounds/stories you have come together to heal. What is the potential of the relationship, how can you best support one another, and how do you maintain harmony?

The Relationship Reading is profoundly healing for any type of relationship.

Personal side note: This healing reading brought my husband and I closer. The relationship was good but now we have a deeper understanding of why and how each of us operates the way we do, and of issues that continued to show up every few months. With this information and the beautiful, compassionate way the Guides bring it through, my husband and I now know how to honour each other and our relationship with compassion, love and respect.


Reclaim Your Pieces

Throughout your soul’s many lifetimes, aspects of yourself such as gifts, inherent talents, and things which once brought you joy or represented a big part of who you are, have been scattered, left behind, lost or forgotten. The reasons for this are many and some examples include, a traumatic event, grief, the imprinting of a false belief system, persecution, or survival fear. 

In this healing Reading your Guides will present an object and describe what it represents or represented for you, how and why it was left behind, and in what ways it will improve your life by reclaiming it for yourself. 

Finding and taking back these pieces of your Soul is an incredibly healing and empowering experience. That part of yourself that felt missing or incomplete is restored, bringing a new excitement and clarity of purpose.

These sessions reveal and invite back THREE  Soul pieces.

Karmic Extraction Trio

Did someone say, "pass the energetic scalpel?" Apart from the main core pattern, many other old impressions or sub patterns get triggered that can feel like a weight you can't seem to shake. In this session the patterns show up as objects with past life stories attached to them. The effects of these objects can make you feel stagnant or stuck in repetitious cycles of frustration, overwhelm, or loss. You will be given the opportunity to release THREE of these objects, along with their old stories so that they no longer limit you in any way. These sessions can be booked regularly to keep clearing different objects and the sub patterns they represent. NOTE: The extractions can focus around a specific life issue of your choosing, or you can let the Guides decide what to extract. I recommend choosing 1 or 2 specific issues, and allowing the Guides to choose the other/s based on what would best assist your highest good at this time.

This session is for you if:

-you repeatedly come up against obstacles and/or would like more clarity on a specific area of your life.

-you feel like you are in need of some energetic alignment. This can feel like a strong desire to let go of something you have been carrying for ages but can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

-you feel a strong sense of urgency but the direction is a bit foggy.

Soul Guidance Reading

A direct Reading from you Spirit Guides. This session gives you the opportunity to ask for guidance around a specific issue or to allow your Guides to give you any information to assist you for where you are right now on your journey. In every case you will always receive the most relevant guidance and information for your highest good at this time.

This session is for you if:

-you are not exactly sure what you need but you would like some clarity and help understanding life right now.

-you have a specific question or issue that you would like guidance and more understanding on.


Shamanic Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal Energy.  In a distance shamanic reiki session, you can receive all of the benefits of Reiki without having to leave your own comfortable sacred space. Together we choose a time when you can relax and I use shamanic and meditative techniques to channel and send this very healing energy your way. Your chakras will be balanced and/or activated depending on what is needed, and your body, mind and spirit will become rejuvenated leaving you restored with a serene sense of wellbeing, a renewed trust in the process of life, and clearer direction.

During a session, I receive messages and guidance for you that are relevant to your life at this time. These messages will be recorded and emailed to you after the session.  A shamanic reiki session further assists and supports the recognizing and release of outdated patterns, and beliefs.