I’ve never had an experience like this before. Everything is so much clearer now. Just blown away!”
— Renee Davidson

 Do you ever feel your desires are so strong and true that you can almost touch them? You can see yourself living your goals, and feel in every ounce of your being that you are meant for certain things? But each time you take a step toward the desire, you are thwarted, scared, or even talk yourself out of it? If you look back on your relationships do the same kinds of issues appear? They might be camouflaged as something different with someone different but if you delve deeper and look at your contribution to the dynamics, are there similarities?

What we’re dealing with, and we’re ALL dealing with them, are patterns, unconscious automatic responses based on old stories and our interpretations of those stories. 


You can pay thousands of dollars to sit on a therapist’s couch to rehash your childhood and you might come up with some great insights and this can certainly be very healing. But the patterns that you think may have developed in childhood actually stem from much further back.

Every soul has many past lives.


Inevitably in some, if not all of those lifetimes, trauma will have occurred and in order to survive and stay safe physically, mentally or emotionally, we created beliefs from fear based impressions in our environment at the time and from what we were taught by those around us. 

I work with powerful Guides in the spirit realm and from them I am shown the significant past life or lives where these patterns were imprinted.



In a Soul Surgery session I channel your Guides and through me they offer loving insight as to the nature of your soul’s essence and path, as well as guidance on how to recognize and release the outdated patterns.

These patterns run deep and they are keeping you in a state of stagnation and limitation.


After a Soul Surgery, only the wisdom learned from the old impression is retained to assist you as you move forward with more freedom, clarity and joy.

Soul Surgery is not just a Reading. 

It is a profoundly deep healing on a celluar level as the Guides work to recalibrate your energy and the part of the DNA that holds these sticky patterns.

In effect they loosen them up so that with awareness and your new found wisdom to choose a different way, you are freed of these deeply limiting patterns that have been holding you back for so long.

Distance does not affect the potency of Soul Surgery and for your convenience, sessions can be done over Skype, phone or email. You do not even have to be present for the Reading if it doesn't fit your schedule since all Readings are recorded and emailed to you once completed.