Hey Gorgeous. Let's get this show, your stunning life, on the road!

Jayaleigh and her Guides in spirit ;)

Jayaleigh and her Guides in spirit ;)

What would it be like to have a shaman as a life coach? A shaman is someone who has access to and brings back information and wisdom from the spirit realm. Together with me, Jaya-Leigh, your higher Self, your Spirit Guides and your Angels lovingly and dramatically re-align you with your purpose. This is an opportunity for dramatic, and permanent transformation.When you are living in alignment with your essence and your soul path, there is flow, joy, freedom, and excitement. AND, you create this for others just by being YOU.


A session with me is NOT your run of the mill coaching session. You are here for a reason. Yes you've heard this a gazillion times but take a moment to really let it sink in, to hear the power in it, to maybe even repeat it out loud, "I am here for a reason."  What does it bring up for you? Where do you feel it in your body?

Tension in the body, imbalances, and chronic health issues, are a result of not being aligned with your essence, with what your soul is here to do and express in a way that only you can.  

Are you repeatedly finding yourself battling the same dynamics in relationships, with your health and with your career or path.


In order to finally create deep transformation, positive  change, and to have your life look and FEEL the way you want it to, you HAVE TO clear these self sabotaging patterns on a CELLULAR LEVEL

Not many people know that they’ve had 1000’s of past lives and that core beliefs, fears, and patterns created in those lifetimes can carry forward in the cellular memory, subconsciously keeping you stuck in many areas of the life you’re living now. When you find out what happened in a past life that created the main core pattern that limits you in this one, you can absolutely clear it and completely transform your life.


Welcome to the Woke Warrior program. Working with me over the course of 90 days you will gain a full understanding of the sneaky patterns that used to stop you from living your best life, from making that call, that move, from sharing your creations and gifts with the world. These patterns can even be the blocks to abundance, soulmate relationships and health. You will learn to recognize AND clear them when they inevitably pop up from time to time.

A beautiful bonus of our time together is new found trust and open communication with your very own posse of spirit guides and angelic beings. As soon as you enroll, your Guides begin their work with you. Be sure to be very patient and loving with yourself as the patterns you will be clearing are sure to show up!

Ready to dive in...

Here's what our schedule will look like*,


Month 1: Soul Chat

In our first meeting I hold sacred space for you to get real, vulnerable and honest. Each time we interact, beginning with this initial conversation you will be held in a confidential, non-judgemental, safe container to share what is in your heart of hearts, what you are ready to feel, call in to your life, create, share with the world, heal, and release.

*Don't worry if any or ALL of that isn't yet clear for you because it WILL  show up and fall into place as we work together with the loving presence of the Guides.*

Session Length: 45 min

*All meetings are virtual via phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom. Distance does not affect the clarity, energy, and healing that takes place.

Core Karmic Pattern or Core Pattern Follow up Reading (includes recording)

Your Reading begins with an opening prayer and a process called, Lightweaving. This is the way I tune into the Guides we’ll be working with, and it is also a profound energetic healing for you.  It's like a re-wiring as energetic blockages are cleared away and limiting karmic patterns begin to loosen their grip.

The Guides will show and describe the past life event where your Core Pattern took root. The Core Pattern is the main subconscious belief system behind most of your automatic responses to life, and why similar challenges keep repeating themselves at work, in your relationships, and even with your health. Knowing what your Core Pattern is will allow you to recognize when it is the one behind the wheel keeping you stuck. By recognizing it and doing the work of making a different choice, the pattern is cleared and you no longer need to keep repeating the same “mistakes.” Together with your Guides, the pattern and all of the residual fear based impressions and beliefs from it, are cleared from your system.

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You gain a distinct understanding and remembering of who you really are and what you have come to share with the world. By clearing the Core Karmic Pattern you now have the freedom, knowledge, and CAPACITY to fulfill your dreams and your soul's mission on this earth!

Life opens up dramatically, bringing in new people, situations, and opportunities. You wake up joyful and excited about the day, no longer doubting yourself or your path.

  • You know right away whether or not something or someone is aligned with your highest Self and path.

  • You aren't sick or tired as much.

  • Chronic health issues may resolve themselves

  • You remember and are confidently aligned with your true essence, talents, and reason for being here.

  • Your aura is clear, protecting you and drawing your soulmates and most desired life to you.

  • Life may look completely different than you ever dreamed possible OR the life that you’ve dreamt of realizes itself quickly because you have cleared the karmic patterns and beliefs that were blocking it from blooming.

Month 2: First Integration Session

2-3 weeks after your Core Pattern Reading you will have listened to the recording once a day for 7 days and transcribed it WORD FOR WORD.  Every deep transformation requires some time and energy. Listening to and writing out your Reading will present new pieces of wisdom each time, clearing the pattern on yet another level. 

During the Integration session:

  • you receive a 2nd Soul Activation attunement further assisting with the clearing of the pattern from your cellular memory.

  • I listen while you READ your transmission and the Guides coax me to stop you periodically making sure that you have a good understanding of that part of the Reading, and occasionally to do a deeper clearing.

  • You may also stop at anytime to ask questions for further clarity.


Reclaim your Pieces Activation

A shamanic channeled reading where 3 aspects of yourself are called back to your soul. Your Guides will present an object and describe what it represents or represented for you, how and why it was left behind, and in what ways it will improve your life by reclaiming it for yourself. That part of yourself that felt missing or incomplete is restored, giving you more clarity of purpose than you have ever felt before.


 Month 3: Karmic Extraction or 2nd Integration of Core Pattern

·         A second Integration session OR Karmic Extraction session. You have been clearing and activating parts of yourself on an immense level. In this session we make sure that ALL of it is fully integrated, you have released what needs to go for GOOD, and powerfully reclaimed and ignited your incredible gifts and superpowers.

You are in the process of working with your personal meditation and listening to your Reading once a week. On this coaching call you get:

  • Support and guidance for dealing with the internal and external changes that are taking place from the meditation and the process of clearing old ways and stepping courageously into who and how you are meant to be. This is the powerful and transformative chrysalis phase where the caterpillar is going through deep transformation to emerge as the beautiful and free butterfly it actually IS.

  • Nothing is off the table. Allow me to hold you in sacred space while you share your excitement, worries, fears, and any questions or concerns you have at this point in your transformation.


Wrap Up Oracle Reading

Your Guides and Angels pull everything together in this session, answering any lingering questions, quelling any fear, and lovingly sending you on your Right path, the path to wholeness, fulfillment, freedom, alignment, and soulmate love.

Information received might include:

  • deeper guidance on how to recognize and clear your Core Pattern.

  • exercises, activities, practices, (homework) assigned specifically for what you are clearing and calling in.

  • what life looks like now, where you are going, and how best to help you get there

So...are you ready to do the deepest dive yet into your soul's history and purpose? 

This unique and very special coaching program is meant for you if:

  • you know what you want but feel paralyzed about taking any action toward it

  • you know what you want but after taking a step or 2 toward it always seem to fall back into old ways of doing things

  • you feel “off,” frustrating, irritable, depressed or angry (snappy), like you’re not living the life you’re meant to be living

  • you have big dreams and know that you can achieve them with your natural talents and passion, the right mindset and the right support

  • you feel like you’re trapped in a cycle of repetitive relationship dynamics with family, partners, friends, co-workers, bosses, and even with yourself.

  • you feel ready to completely transform your life, feel a deeper connection with your soul and the people in your life, feel purposeful, peaceful, and excited about life EVERY day.

  • you are interested in meeting and developing a more tangible relationship with your personal Angels and Spirit Guides

  • you would like to know the past life story on your soul’s journey that created the main fear based pattern operating underneath all that you do, (and don’t do but want to).

  • you are finally ready to forgive yourself, to love yourself and to have a beautiful relationship with your uniquely Divine Self.

  • you are a parent or guardian ready, willing, and desiring to get over your own shite to be the best guide and teacher you can be for your kids. They will learn, grow, shine, and love themselves from YOUR example of loving yourself enough to take MASSIVE action on your dreams

This program might NOT be for you if:

  • you would like to keep trying to accomplish what you know you are capable of without the shamanic and energetic support of extracting your limiting beliefs and patterns at their very root.

  • you don’t think that acknowledging, understanding, and clearing the outdated patterns and beliefs that are keeping you in a state of frustration and limitation is worth investing your time, money, and energy at this time.

  • you don't think you have the time to work together. The Guides and I show up to really help you  get the best and most transformational outcome for yourself and your path, and this requires you to be ready to show up too.

With this tailored in depth program I take on just a few clients a month so that I can show up completely and powerfully to assist you to align with and activate your soul, essence, and path. You have email and occasional phone access to me throughout your transformation. In this way I can do the shamanic work of helping you to permanently free yourself from the deep seated patterns and beliefs that have been limiting you. You become the happiest, most fulfilled and excited You that you can be.

It might sound strange but if you don't feel a pull to this work, great! You are clear that this is not the step for you right now and there are other awesome coaches, healers and mentors that might be the right fit for you. I personally only desire to work with those who are invested in doing this karmic work together and feel strongly called to it and me.  One of the most rewarding things for me is witnessing and supporting my amazing clients as they determinedly and passionately show up to  re-align with their soul's essence and purpose!

Have you tried workshops, meditation, and working with healers or coaches to connect with your Soul and true calling? Have you gotten really excited about a next step or project, really felt that this time you were on the right path and 2 weeks later you’re back in the same situation feeling the same heavy emotions? You need to understand on a cellular level that your Soul is on a journey and that this life is one lifetime out of many you’ve lived. We carry trauma from past life events in the form of patterns and deeply embedded false beliefs that are keeping us in a state of limitation in this life. Find out the past life event, understand why the pattern is there, truly own and recognize that it is outdated and irrelevant now, and clear it for good with the help of you Angels and Spirit Guides to get re-aligned and remember why you decided to incarnate at this particular time! This changes everything!

If you feel a stir in your gut, your heart, if your Guides are whispering or yelling, YES YES YES, then they want to do this work with you and communicate with you in this way. Your higher self KNOWS that this is the next step, the piece that could finally transform everything.


*2 powerful bonuses can be included with your program 

Bonus 1! 

Personal Meditation Prescription 

Your Guides and I work together to choose a powerful personal meditation for you that will,

  • Support you in moving through and releasing the specific pattern and habits you are clearing.

  • Awaken and magnetically draw energy, personal strengths, people and opportunities aligned with your true essence and soul path.

  • Bring clear insights about next steps on your path and activate courage to follow through on all your goals and aspirations.

  • Nurture and strengthen a joyful relationship and connection with your very own Spirit Guides and Angels.

  • Balance your chakras and flush every system in the body with fresh prana (life force energy) so that you feel better than ever physically and mentally.

  • Calm your nervous system so that you clearly and confidently respond to people and experiences instead of reacting.

* It is highly recommended to practice your personal meditation for 40 days in a row. This creates a new habit and helps to release unwholesome ones. The meditation then becomes part of you and is a powerful and permanent tool to have at your immediate disposal when needed.*

Bonus 2!!

Distance Shamanic Reiki Session

You will be going through many shifts on every level during your transformation. This is an invaluable gift to call on when you need some extra support allowing all of the changes to settle peacefully during your 90 day program. With this energy healing session:

  • All of your chakras are balanced and stagnant or heavy energy is removed.

  • Any outdated karmic patterns showing up in the aura or physical body are lovingly extracted.

  • Channeled messages and guidance from your Spirit Posse are recorded and emailed to you.

Total Value of bonuses: $350

Ready To Finally be in alignment with your soul and purpose...?

Woke Warrior Program

What is it costing you to keep repeating the same patterns and cycles that are limiting you?

It's not your fault. 

The fear and beliefs are stuck to your DNA. But they are false. They are outdated. 

And they can be extracted.

For good.


Let's Do This

During this sacred 30 minute heart to heart I will take you through a process to discover some old wounds that are creating disharmony for you. I will map out what is showing up and what needs to be cleared to activate your innate abilities and joy. If you decide you need some divine support with your transformational journey we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

What would you be willing to invest to finally understand and permanently clear the deep seated false beliefs that have been standing in your way for DECADES? What would life look like if those impediments were removed!? Nothing is too out there!  Your essence really is limitless!

And personally the beautiful relationship I have with my Guides and Angels is priceless. I consult them all day everyday. This alone is something I will always have and it transformed me. I've been working with 100's of clients for years doing this work and full disclosure, this is the 1st time I've packaged it this way. Discovering and clearing the Core Karmic Pattern is the fastest way to align with the soul's mission drawing to you what you desire. The work is so deep that I felt I could best serve by being totally present and available to you for a good chunk of time while you go through your transformation. So I am very pleased to offer this shamanic coaching program at this introductory price for now.

If you have any questions please email me to set up a chat if you're interested in having me as the channel your Guides, Angels and past life patterns. I am honoured to be your guide and cheerleader throughout the whole process for the next 4 months!