Hello and Welcome. I'm Jaya-Leigh.

If you have found your way here it is most likely because you feel ready for something, something different, something more, a tweak, a shift, a clearing, a deeper understanding. You have been through a lot. How do I know this? Well, you’re human.

My desire is to help you see, experience, and remember that you are 100% meant to and CAPABLE of living the life you dream of.


You are a soul full of lifetimes of  wisdom, and limitless potential. Most of us forget what we are and why we came, and also that we chose to come., Yogi Bhajan, the teacher who brought kundalini yoga to the west, said that there are Angels lined up to have a human experience. Are you living yours to the fullest? Or are you feeling totally stuck, repeating the same patterns and letting the same limiting beliefs run over and over like a broken record?

You are remembering Dear One. You are awakening. And this is awesome. And it is my distinct honour and pleasure to assist you in your process.

I am a teacher and channel bringing spiritual wisdom from Guides and Angels, a spirit posse if you will. I answered a call, a longing in my soul to remember this information and to reawaken my abilities. Just as I found the right teachers and healers to assist me in the reclaiming and honing of my gifts, I am here to help you do the same.

It is not a fluke that you are on the earth at this time in this body. You have natural interests, gifts, talents, and things that light up your soul. All of it is your blueprint for living a life that is joyful, free, and of deeply beneficial to others. You cannot be of service to the planet if you are not sharing your gifts, your heart.


And yes I KNOW it’s like the scariest thing ever to reveal yourself, but scary is good because I’m willing to bet that underneath the scary is genuine excitement, and  taking even a little step will feel amazing! It is also not a fluke that you have stumbled across me and my work at this very moment on your journey to activating your Soul and purpose.

 Read about the different ways I can assist you to clear and remove deep patterns that may be in the way of your freedom, of remembering who you are and what you are here to delight in and share with the world.




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